What is Romo Telepresence?

Call anyone with a Romo.
From Anywhere

Telepresence allows you to win big by spying on your spouses or kids when you're away. Simply type in their Romo Number above and you will be connected in seconds.

How do I use this?

Find a friend with a Romo

If you don't know anyone who owns a Romo, you can adopt one for yourself here.

Connect Romo to a fast internet connection

You can test your internet connection speed by clicking here .

Getting the Romo number

The Romo number is located on the dashboard screen within the Romo App, available on the App Store. You can get to this dashboard screen by tapping on the (?) button in the top right corner of Romo's face.

Calling a Romo

Enter the Romo number using the keypad above. Then hit the green call button. If you have an iPad, you can call a Romo using the Romo Control App, available on the App Store.


Once you're connected, you should be able to video chat both ways with your friend (or yourself) and command Romo over the internet.

Other Frequently Asked Questions